May 31

Mission Briefing

Hello Agents,

We are back to school this week! Check the Meeting Schedule page to see which day you are scheduled to attend. Classes are open from 8:45 to 2:30. Those returning to school will be completing their assignments in the classroom. Consider keeping up established routines of daily practice in math, reading, and spelling for the rest of the week.

For those who are not attending class, please continue following the Assignment Schedule as we have been doing and turning assignments in by the end of the week. I will be in my meeting room on Friday from 9:30 am to 10:30 am to answer any questions. There are no video tutorials. Feel free to email me to request an alternate time to meet or ask questions.

Assignment Schedule

Important notes:

  • Drop off and pick up procedure:
    • Drop off students as close to 8:55 am as possible. Classes will be open at 8:45 am.
      • Students will go straight to their classroom.
      • Students do not need late slips if they arrive after the bell.
    • Pick up students from their class line up outside.
  • Library books
    • Please turn in library books to the shelf in the front lobby upon the first day of return.
  • Wear Uniforms or Knights Gear
  • Bring School supplies:
    • Water bottle, pencils, sharpeners, ruler, crayons


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