June 18

How to pick up items left behind

June 26 from 9 am until 12 pm, please pick up your report card, yearbook, and any items left in the classroom. Additionally, you can drop off library books or any other Highroad items. Family members or friends may pick up your items if you are not able to get to the school at this time. Please put a sign in your vehicle with your family name, so that we are ready for you in the line up. Any items not picked up will be available when the office reopens in August.

There are some shoes, and a water bottle left behind by students. Please look through the following picture and let me know if any of these items are yours. You may come in to pick these items up Friday or next week, please let me know when you will be here so I will be ready for you. Otherwise, I can make them available when you pick up report cards.