September 20

Mission Briefing

Hello Agents,

Here are your objectives this week.

  • Spelling: We will keep learning spelling rules for the first several weeks before we begin with our lists. Check out this page on spelling rules, which can be found in Online Learning Resources.
  • Language Arts: We will have a readers’ theater and learn about text features with an article on current events.
  • Math: We will keep learning about place value and learn to compare numbers up to a thousand.
  • Social Studies: We will keep learning about maps.
  • Science: We will learn how we can observe the different states of matter with experiments.
  • Bible: We are learning about who we are in God.
  • Art: We will paint silhouettes.
  • Homework:
    • Read 15 min. I will send books home this week that are at each student’s reading level. I will test them on fluency and comprehension at this level in class.
    • Skip count by 2, 5, and 10. I will send blocks home to help students skip count and learn how to exchange ones for tens.

I look forward to another fun week of learning. I’ll see you soon!


Upcoming Events

  • Terry Fox Run Bring toonies for Terry this week as we support cancer research and the spirit of perseverance.
  • September 25 Knights Day
  • September 28 Pro D – no school
  • September 30 Orange shirt day


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