December 1

Salvation Army Food Drive

The Salvation Army Food Drive begins Wednesday, December 1. We are running it like last year – – but I know that may feel like about 27 years ago, so here’s the recap:

  • We are setting a $ amount goal as a school of $6000.00
  • Students/families are invited to DONATE money to the food drive as the Salvation Army has more buying power than we do. All donations go to the SCHOOL OFFICE. Students and families can also e-transfer and debit. If we make our goal by Wednesday, December 15, we will celebrate by having an ANIMAL DRESS UP DAY the first Wednesday we are back in January. There were some comments about animals coming 2 by 2, but it may be too soon yet for that . . .
  • Students can wear animal onesies, or other animal items. Our usual guideline is that 3 items means you are dressed up.

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