January 6

Mission Briefing

Welcome back to school. It’s great to be starting the year fresh from a restful break, and I’m happy to get back to class and see what we can create.

In Science, we will be taking a test on the endocrine system on Monday. Make sure everyone knows how the endocrine system maintains homeostasis with negative and positive feedback, the glands and their functions, and how diseases of the endocrine system can effect people. We will then begin our study of the digestive system.

In math, we are learning about divisibility by finding common multiples and factors. Make sure to practice multiplication facts in preparation for this unit. Xtramath.org is great for this.

Our memory verse this week is Psalm 121:1-2.


Upcoming Events

January 11 Intermediate Chapel, the following students are helping:

Emma Sasha
Gracie Jediah
Andy Jackson p
Shayla Sophia M
Jackson V Sophia
Kiara Evangeline
Denae Owen


January 18 Cozy Casual Day