January 13

Mission Briefing

The students have been making some great bible projects on Genesis, and we will share them next week with pictures.

In science, we are learning about the digestive system. I’m sure students will quite happy to explain what happens to food as the nutrients are absorbed and the remnants are expelled from the body.

In math, we are learning to find common factors and multiples of numbers. If you have 12 brownies and 16 pastries, what is highest number of people that can share an equal amount of each type?

We are continuing our event stories. Ask students about their stories. They are learning to stretch out the moment to tell the details and reactions that help draw us into the event.

Our memory verse this week is Psalm 121:1-4

Upcoming Events

January 18 Intermediate Chapel, the following students are helping:

Easton Chrissy
Jada Owen
Denae Emma
Emily Mattea
Moriah Kesler
Jediah Zack
Jackson P Russel
Cody Shayla

January 18 Cozy Casual Day

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