February 16

Mission Briefing

I hope everyone has a good break this weekend. Try to see if you notice an IGO (like the WHO or United Nations), NGO (like Greenpeace or Save the Children), or military alliance (like NATO or NORAD) in the news. We will be doing some research and presentations on them next week.

When we return on February 21, we have class pictures.

The next day on February 22 we have Pink Shirt Day, so you may wear pink with casual clothes if you would like to join us in stopping bullying. That evening we have Math Mayhem from 6:30-8 pm, please bring parent(s) (grades 4 and under need to bring parents- we are there to play but not supervise) and a great, “ready to play” attitude.  Open for all kids K-9 to come and participate.

Chapel next week will the the same students that were supposed to be on the chapel that got cancelled this week.

Our memory verse this next week is Psalm 138:1-4