April 14

Upcoming Events

Track and Field event

Our annual track and field event is happening on Thursday, April 27 at the South Surrey Athletic Park. All students will be participating in the event. The bus will leave at 7 am and return at 3:45 pm depending on traffic. We need parental volunteers, however, seating is limited, so let me know if you plan on driving on your own.

Parent Night

The church and school are co-hosting a Parent Night on Monday, May 1 from 7-8:30 pm with Katy Kwon. She will discuss how to support the mental health of children/teens.

Shakespeare Plays

We will be performing modified versions of the Shakespeare plays Romeo & Juliet and Hamlet on Monday, April 17 in the chapel. The other grade 6 class will be the only ones watching us perform. Students can bring their own costumes to change into and props if they would like. Please make sure to practice your lines so they have a natural tone and inflection that fits the scene.


Andy Evangeline
Cody Gracie
Sarah Emma
Jada Jesse
Shayla Maeva
Denae Moriah

Door greeter 9am

Caleb, Jediah, Beth


Song list

  • Great things
  • This is amazing grace
  • Your love awakens me
  • Good good father

Pro D – April 28

Star Wars/Superhero Day – May 4

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