February 9

Chapel List for February 14

Make sure to wear Valentine’s Day colours!


  • Drums: Bentley
  • Vocals: Julie, Layla, Scarlett
  • Bass: Jack
  • Guitar: Jun
  • Acoustic Guitar: Maelle
  • Stage Manager: Alyssa
  • Door Greeters: Ethan, Bethel

Songs for Chapel:

  1. Beautiful Day
    • Let’s kick off our chapel service with the uplifting melody of “Beautiful Day.” It’s a reminder of the beauty and blessings that surround us each day, filling our hearts with gratitude and joy.
  2. Rest on Us
    • Next, we’ll invite the soothing presence of God with the calming strains of “Rest on Us.” As we reflect on His love and grace, may we find peace and renewal in His embrace.
  3. Way Maker
    • We’ll conclude our chapel service with the powerful declaration of faith found in “Way Maker.” This song reminds us that even in the midst of uncertainty, God is always with us, making a way where there seems to be no way.

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