September 25

Truth and Reconciliation Week

Friday is Orange shirt day. Wear orange to remember the experiences of indigenous people. If you would don’t want to wear orange, feel free to wear the normal uniform, not knight day gear.

Remember that Monday, October 2 is Truth and Reconciliation day, no school.

September 21

Debrief from the Lindeman Lake Operation and briefing on the upcoming Chapel

Hats off to our young detectives for successfully navigating the labyrinthine trails of Lindeman Lake. Your mettle was tested, and you emerged triumphant, with tales of adventure that’ll be whispered in the corridors of our agency for years to come.

Upcoming Missions:

  1. Place Value Puzzle: Next week, we’ll dive deep into the enigmatic world of numbers. Place value is more than just digits—it’s the code waiting to be deciphered. Sharpen your mathematical wits, detectives; this one promises to be a thrilling chase.
  2. Literary Investigations with ‘The King’s Equal’: Prepare to employ every thinking skill in your arsenal. We’re about to unravel the layers, plot twists, and hidden messages within this mysterious tome. What secrets does it hold? Only the sharpest minds will find out.
  3. Scientific Method—The Truth Serum: In our quest to debunk the mysteries of the world, we’re arming you with the most potent weapon in a detective’s toolkit: the scientific method. Be prepared to question, hypothesize, experiment, and draw conclusions as we unveil the enigmas of the universe.
  4. Governance and the Greater Good: Governments, with their cloak-and-dagger politics and behind-the-scenes dealings, play a crucial role in sculpting our world. As we delve into their inner workings, we’ll explore how they can be champions of change, bringing forth a brighter, better tomorrow.

Detectives, gear up. Our adventure has only just begun.

Special Briefing: Chapel Duty Roster

In the ever-evolving world of detective work, some of our talented agents will be taking center stage this week, leading us in our spiritual rendezvous at the chapel. Their roles, carved with precision and beginning at 7:45 am, are as follows:

  • Keys: Grayson and Indie, ready to unlock the melodies that will resonate with our souls.
  • Vocals: Sophia, Anna, Felisha, and Mrs. van Santen. Their voices, instruments of emotion, will guide our hearts.
  • Tech: Keeping the gears running smoothly are the techno-wizards, Bianca and Daniella.
  • Electric Guitar: Jun, adding electric energy to our spiritual gathering.
  • Acoustic Guitar: Maelle, bringing raw and authentic strumming into the mix.
  • Bass: Julie, laying down the groove to keep our spirits anchored.
  • Drums: Bentley, setting the rhythm for our collective heartbeats.
  • Percussion: Carter, adding the intricate beats that color our spiritual journey.
  • Stage Manager: Jack, ensuring the scene is set perfectly for our agents of faith.
  • Door Greeters: Audrina and Ezra, our first line of warm welcomes (arrive at normal school starting time)

The songs that’ll serve as the backdrop to this spiritual gathering:

  • “My Lighthouse” in C
  • “This is Amazing Grace” in D
  • “Waymaker” in G

Agents, prepare for a chapel service filled with harmony, rhythm, and soulful connection. It promises to be an affair to remember.


September 18

Lindemon Lake Field Trip, Parking & other important notes

Field Trip

Our field trip is this Wednesday, September 20. Please bring a water bottle and lunch in a backpack that you can bring. Make sure to wear clothes for the weather (not the uniform).

Since we have had some trouble with parking recently, please observe the following guidelines.

Parking Lot Information:

Please ensure that you always follow the procedures for parking lot safety while using the Highroad Academy parking lot.

  1. Follow direction of flow as indicated by the arrows and signage.
  2. Park ONLY in designated parking areas. Do not park in ‘No Parking’ zones including the Drop Off lane on the west side of the building.
  3. Pull into a parking stall when dropping off and picking up students rather than stopping in the driving lane. Do not stop next to the pylons to drop off or pick up your students.
  4. Do not drive alongside the overhang of the main school entrance, north side of the building.
  5. Do not enter through the Chilliwack Central Entrance nest to the playing field. This is a Fire Lane, and the parking area is not available for HRA use.
  6. Always be alert for children who may dart out between cars.

Upcoming Events

September 20 Terry Fox Run – we’ll try to fit this in sometime or maybe do the run on the next day.

September 29 Orange Shirt Day

October 2 Truth and Reconciliation Day (no school)

October 9 Thanksgiving (no school)

October 20 Pro D (no school)

October 31 Fall Colour Dress Up

September 5

Back to School BBQ party and other upcoming events

September 12 – Individual Photos

September 13 – Welcome Back BBQ 5:30-7:30pm

September 29 – Orange Shirt Day

September 4

Mystery Awaits: Unraveling the Secrets of 6th Grade!

In the back alleys of Highroad Academy, a light emanating from room 6 beckons—a year draped in the enigmas of learning, where we dare to stretch our boundaries, diving deep into the perplexities of the unknown. My name’s Mr. Wolfsen, and I’m your guide in this tangled web of mysteries. I’ve got your back as you venture forth, trying to piece together the puzzles of self and seeking your role in this vast, sprawling city we call Chilliwack.

As the first pages of our tale unfold, we’ll lay out our gear, our instruments of investigation. Every item in its rightful place, every tool ready at our fingertips. After all, detectives are only as good as their toolkit, and knowledge, dear students, is our sharpest weapon. Welcome to The Case Files of Mr. Wolfsen’s Grade 6 Sleuths. Dive in, the mystery’s just getting started.

School supplies: 

In the world of young detectives, every item tells a story. So, ensure each piece of gear—those student supplies—bears your prodigy’s name. The streets of Grade 6 can be treacherous, and it’s easy to misplace a vital clue. Before they step foot on the scene on that first day, help your young sleuth unpack and set their tools of the trade in order. The thrill of the initial days can be dizzying. Being prepared with their gear in check aids them as they navigate the maze of new lockers and desks, cutting through the thick fog of the first-day frenzy.

Need a blueprint? Check the blog—it’s got the lowdown on how our young agents will be arranging their kits this year.

Setting Up Your Detective Toolkit: School Supplies 101.

Classroom Location:

Your junior detective’s base of operations? The elusive Portable 6, nestled right next to the grand archives known as the library. It’s where they’ll be piecing together the puzzles, one clue at a time. Keep it under your hat.

Access Points to Portable 6: Navigating the Detective’s Lair

Your young sleuth will make their grand entrance through the door facing East. It’s more than just an entrance—it’s the first step into the world of mysteries. Once inside, they’ll scrub away the traces of the outside world at the handwashing station, ready to dive deep into their day. Next stop, the locker area, where every detective keeps their personal stash of secrets. While they generally make their exit through the same East door, there’s a twist.

If you, the detective-in-chief, drop by to see how your junior agent is doing, give a knock on the door that faces the setting sun—that’d be the WEST. We value our privacy in this line of work, but we always welcome a familiar knock.

Come Tuesday morning, the EAST door is where the action is. If you’re feeling lost in this world of mystery, look for a sign—it’ll guide you right.

The Detective’s Clock – Crucial Moments in Portable 6:

  • 8:35 am – The doors to Portable 6 swing open. Every detective knows the drill: first, cleanse those hands, then get set for the day’s adventure.
  • 8:40 am – The mystery unfolds. If a detective’s tardy, they should get authorization from the office before heading to Portable 6 and slipping into the usual morning ritual. The west-facing door’s their best bet.
  • 12:00 pm – While our usual day of investigations ends at 2:55 pm, our first day ends at noon, when all our young sleuths will gather outside, waiting for their ride to the next mystery.

For the finer details and the daily grind, the class blog’s where you want to be.

The Class Dossier: Classroom Blog

Stay in the know—subscribe to our classroom blog. It’s the hotline for all vital class intel. You won’t want to miss a beat.

June 28

Have a great summer!

Thanks for all your hard work this year. I hope everyone has a great summer.

Here is a link to our final day slide show photo album.


I recommend signing up for ChatGPT and using it help make the most of your summer.

Some example prompts:

  • Write a daily schedule for a 12 year old that includes enriching activities such as exploring outdoors, reading, writing, and math activities.
  • Make a list of 10 fun science experiments that I can do using household products.

Here are other ways that you can use AI:

  • Ask questions and seek knowledge: ChatGPT can provide answers to a wide range of questions. Use it as a learning resource to explore topics you’re curious about. Ask about science, history, animals, or any other subject you want to know more about.
  • Practice writing and storytelling: Engage in creative writing exercises with ChatGPT. Write a short story or a dialogue, and then have a conversation with the model to get feedback or ideas for improvement.
  • Enhance language skills: ChatGPT can help improve your vocabulary, grammar, and sentence construction. Practice forming well-structured questions and responses to enhance your communication skills.
  • Brainstorm ideas: If you’re working on a project or need ideas for summer activities, discuss your thoughts with ChatGPT. It can provide suggestions, creative prompts, or even help you come up with a plan.
  • Play word games: Challenge ChatGPT to word games like “20 Questions,” where you think of an object, and it tries to guess what it is by asking yes/no questions. Alternatively, engage in word associations or riddles for a fun and interactive language experience.
  • Explore creativity: Share your drawings, stories, or ideas with ChatGPT. Describe what you’ve created, and ask for feedback or suggestions on how to improve or expand your creative works.
  • Practice problem-solving: Present ChatGPT with puzzles or brain teasers and work together to find solutions. It can offer different perspectives and help you think outside the box.
  • Learn about AI: ChatGPT can introduce you to the world of artificial intelligence. Ask questions about how it works, its limitations, or its applications in various fields. Gain insights into the technology behind ChatGPT and how it has evolved.
June 15

End of the Year Activities

The end is here, and I hope we can all make some good memories of the great times we have had this year.

June 16 Half Day – noon pick up

June 19 Class Party – students have volunteered to bring snacks and drinks

June 20 Fun Day (afternoon) – Please wear the colours of the team that you are on

Hancock Moisin Goosen Janzen Wolfsen Angela Kennedy
 Kesler  Emma  Andy  Mattéa  Sophia H  Samuel E
 Tristan  Hendri  Chrissy  Lily  Emily  Aislin
 Sophia M  Ryker  Karida  Jackson  Jediah  Russell
 Caleb  Cindy  Zachary  Samuel M  Cody  Evangeline

June 21 Cultus Lake Field Trip – Departing at 8:30 am

June 22 Last day – half day


June 2

Charis Camp

We are going on a field trip to Charis Camp next Tuesday, June 6. We will be leaving at 8:30 am and returning at 3 pm.

There will be outdoor activities and a pool.

What to bring:

  • casual clothes
  • packed lunch
  • water bottle
  • towel and swimsuit