June 14

Intermediate Fun Day Monday

Monday, June 17, we are having our Fun Day. Please try to wear your team’s colours

Hancock Moisin Shortridge A. Kennedy Wolfsen Goosen
Audrina Ehrat Julie Seida Ethan Kerdachi Felisha Hernandez Alyssa Frayn Bianca Bochtler
Scarlett Thiessen Portia Talkkari Maelle Van Woerden Esther Kim Indie Klassen Sophia Illiescu
Adelle Nelson Jack Thiessen Danielle Solomon Anna Siemens Jessie Pettie Layla Robinson
Collin Jimmie Spencer Mackie Asher Pettie Bethel Adumeta Peters, Cohen Noah Lueck
June Kim Bentley Garcia Asher Campbell Kael Pezzi Gitz Grayson Trelenberg
June 11

Upcoming Events

The end of school is close. It has been an honour to see these students learn, strengthen their resolve, and overcome challenges.  Here are some events as we approach the end.

  • June 14 – Half Day
  • June 17 – Fun Day
  • June 18 – Class Party, here are some snack suggestions from the Party Planning Committee
    • Bethel- Kool-aid pouches
    • Ezra- Chips
    • Collin-Powdered doughnuts
    • Alyssa- Fruit Snacks
    • Noah- Cookies
    • Grayson- Popcorn
    • Indie- Cups
    • June- Korean Snack
    • Asher. C – Pretzels
    • Asher-Muffins
    • Jesse- Muffins
    • Cohen- juice box’s
    • Julie- Anything Gluten Free (Oreos)
    • Anna- Fruit Plater
    • Maelle- Plates, Savory Charcuterie{salami, cheese
    • Daniella- Popsicles
    • Spencer- Iced Tea powder
    • Adelle – Cheetos
    • Kael – Banana chips
  • June 19 – Water Slides Field Trip
  • June 20 – Last day of school, half day


June 7

Transition Night for Parents & Chapel List

On Monday, June 10, at 2:55-3:25pm in the Chapel, we have a night for parents to learn about the transition to Grade 7 and the changes in expectations. Please join us.

Here is the chapel list for next Wednesday:

  • Bianca          Tech
  • Sophia            Tech
  • Grayson.         Keys
  • Indiana            Keys
  • Anna.               Vocals
  • Scarlett.          Vocals
  • Bethel.             Vocals
  • Alyssa.              Vocals
  • E guitar.           Jun
  • A guitar.           Maelle
  • Drums/perc     Bentley, Cohen
May 29

Upcoming Events and important information

Puberty and Sex Talks

Recently, families received an email about upcoming puberty and sex education afternoons for Grades 5 & 6 students. The school is offering information packages at the office for those who want to learn more. While attendance is not mandatory, parents have the option to pick up their child at noon on Tuesday, June 4th & 11th if they prefer.  (For 5 & 5/6) Grade five students will only attend the first session on puberty this year and will not participate in the sex education afternoon.

Pokemon Cards

We ask that Pokemon cards be kept at home to prevent distractions and disruptions in the classroom and playground. Thank you for your support in creating a conducive learning environment.

June 19 – Cultus Lake water slides

June 20 – Last day of school, half day

May 23

Chapel List for May 29

  • Drums: Cohen
  • Vocals: Felisha, Scarlett, Esther, Mrs. Van Santen
  • Bass: Noah
  • Stage Manager: Layla
  • Door Greeters: Ethan, Audrina
  • Keys: Indie, Grayson
  • Electric Guitar: Jun
  • Acoustic Guitar: Kael
  • Tech: Adelle, Collin
  • Percussion: Jack
May 22

Art Gala May 27 6pm

We are delighted to extend an enthusiastic invitation to our upcoming Art Gala, where we will proudly present a collection of artwork created by our exceptionally talented students in Grades 4, 5, and 6. This event promises to be a wonderful celebration of their artistic achievements throughout the past year, and we cordially invite all families to join us for an unforgettable evening filled with creativity and inspiration.

Date: May 27 from 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM.

Location: Chapel

To create a warm and inclusive atmosphere, we kindly request that students be accompanied by their parents or guardians. This will provide an opportunity for families to share in the joy and pride of witnessing their child’s artistic endeavours firsthand.

Should you have any inquiries or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office. We eagerly anticipate sharing this remarkable evening with you, as we honour and celebrate the artistic achievements of our students.

May 14

Uniform policy on shorts & Uniform fitting tomorrow

This is a friendly reminder that we will be hosting a uniform fit day on Wednesday, May 15th in the church lobby from 1:00 – 5:00. This is a great opportunity for parents to ensure their children have the correct sizes for the upcoming school year. We will have McCarthy staff on hand to assist with fittings and answer any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you there!


Shorts & Sandals


As we welcome the arrival of warmer weather, we kindly remind everyone that on Friday Knight’s Day and casual field trip days, it’s important to ensure that casual shorts meet the school’s dress code. According to the uniform policy, all shorts should reach the length of the student’s extended fingertips when standing with arms flat against their sides.  For students in grades 3-6, please note that shorts not meeting this requirement will result in wearing gym strip shorts instead, and K-2 students will need a parent to bring in an appropriate pair of shorts. During this season, sandals in black, brown, grey, white, or a mix of these colours are suitable, but they must have a back strap for student safety during recess. Thank you for your cooperation and support in maintaining a respectful and appropriate dress code.