February 15

Space Centre and Chapel List

The space centre was fun and eye-opening. I hope everyone has some lasting memories of friends and the amazing universe we live in.

  • Tech: Bianca, Sophia
  • Keys: Grayson, Indie
  • Bass: Julie, Spencer
  • Guitar: Kael
  • Vocals: Bethel, Alyssa, Daniella
  • Stage Manager: Cohen
  • Percussion: Felisha
  • Door Greeter: Ezra, Portia

Songs for Chapel:

  1. This is Amazing Grace (Key of D)
    • We’ll begin our chapel service with the stirring anthem of “This is Amazing Grace.” Let the powerful lyrics and uplifting melody lead us into a time of reflection and awe.
  2. You Are Life (Key of G)
    • Next, we’ll raise our voices in celebration with “You Are Life.” This joyful song reminds us of the abundant life found in our faith and the boundless love of our Creator.
  3. Goodness of God (Key of G)
    • We’ll conclude our chapel service with the heartfelt melody of “Goodness of God.” As we sing of His faithfulness and goodness, may our hearts overflow with gratitude and praise.

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