November 29

Mission Briefing

Hello Agents,

Recent events have shaken up our normal schedule. Yet we’re getting back on track. I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas season as we start to decorate and have themed activities.

Here are your objectives this week:

  • Spelling: Follow the link to spelling city for list M2. Our test will be on November 29.
  • Writing: We are learning to write event stories with transition words.
  • Reading: We are learning to visualize as we read.
  • Math: We will learn to use mental math to quickly find sums and differences.
  • Social Studies: We will present and discuss our different cultures.
  • Science: We are learning how and why we classify living things.
  • Art: We will learn to make snowflakes and decorate the class for Christmas.
  • Bible: We will learn the importance of rules. Our memory verse is Psalm 118:29.

Important Reminders

  • December 15 Christmas Sweater Day – make sure to wear something for our Christmas Concert.
    • Many students have asked, “But what if I don’t have a Christmas sweater?”.  Good question.  Here are the options for the Christmas concert:
      1. a long-sleeved Christmas themed Tshirt, sweatshirt or sweater
      2. a long-sleeved plain T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater
      3. a long-sleeved Tshirt, sweatshirt or sweater turned inside out, if there is a design that doesn’t fit our Christmas theme.

      Any choice of jeans or dark pants/skirts are preferable to complete the students’ ensemble.

  • December 17 Last Day of School before Christmas Break – Dismissal at 11:30
  • Fridays are Knight Days, so feel free wear a casual clothes if with a knight shirt.
  • Homework – Please make sure students are spending some time skip counting by 2, 3, 5, 9, and 10 on their hundreds chart.