May 2

Mission Briefing

Hello Agents,

Superhero/Star Wars Day is this Wednesday!  Dress up like a super hero you know or just make one up. No weapons please.

  • Spelling: Follow the link to spelling city for list N7. Our test will be on May 9.
  • Writing: We are learning  how to create a plot in a story.
  • Reading: We are learning to find clues for inferences in dialogue.
  • Math: We are learning to find and create patterns with shapes.
  • Social Studies: We will begin learning about animals and plants that the Inuit use.
  • Science: We will learn how heat is transferred through convection.
  • Art: We will do a Mother’s Day project.
  • Bible: We will continue our Bible scavenger hunt.

Upcoming Events

  • May 4  Superhero/Star Wars Dress Up Day  *no weapons (even lightsabers)*
  • May 18 Jeans Day
  • May 20 PD – no school
  • May 23 Victoria Day