May 25

Mission Briefing

Hello Agents,

The field trips were great fun. Thank you to everyone who helped out!

  • Spelling: Follow the link to spelling city for list O1. Our test will be on June 6.
  • Writing: We are learning  how to put a powerful story together with a hook, character development, and plot that transforms our thinking.
  • Reading: We are learning to transform our thinking.
  • Math: We are learning fractions.
  • Social Studies: We will be learning about Inuit hunting and survival.
  • Science: We will continue learning about ecosystems.
  • Art: We will learn to create perspective and distance with lines.
  • Bible: We will continue our Bible scavenger hunt.

Upcoming Events

  • June 6 Spring Showcase at 2pm
  • June 10 Elementary Fun Day
  • June 14 Bridal Falls Field Trip
  • June 17 Last day of school