April 25

Mission Briefing

Hello Agents,

It was a lot of fun to see everyone’s costumes last week. I look forward to Superhero Day!

Our interim reports go out this week, and since it is a short week, we will not have a spelling list.

  • Spelling: No list this week.
  • Writing: We are learning how to plan and describe a character for our stories.
  • Reading: We are learning to use clues to make inferences about what characters are thinking.
  • Math: We are learning to divide by identifying sets, items divided into sets, and how many items are in each set.
  • Social Studies: We are learning about the Inuit.
  • Science: We are reviewing how heat is transferred through convection.
  • Art: We will continue to learn how to sketch contours.
  • Bible: We will begin Bible scavenger hunts.

Upcoming Events

  • April 28 Interims go home
  • April 29 Pro D, no school
  • May 4 Superhero Day 

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